miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011


This video was recorded during the school year 2008-2009 in music class by 4th grade students of Salesian school Los Boscos.

Translated by student of 3nd Secondary Education: Celia Álvarez Pérez.

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011


The educational platform IneveryCREA has taken us into account in the first article that it has dedicated to creativity.

IneveryCREA is an educational community for teachers and professionals of education who create, develop and share educational original resources.

We must thank Carmen González the opportunity to appear in this platform, since she collaborates in the above mentioned site. Inside the platform, she is in charge of "C" of creativity.

You can visit this site and the article in which the choir appears in the following link. InveryCREA.

Besides, Carmen has also included the article in her blog "una tiza y tú" which is a site also related to education.  Una tiza y tú. 

Both in the platform and in her blog, Carmen writes about the project The Choir in the Classroom 2.0 and about the advances that are made.

All this is of great importance since it is going to allow the Choir to be known in different educational circles.

We repeat our gratefulness to Carmen for giving us the opportunity to appear in these two sites.

Translated by student of 3nd Secondary Education: Celia Álvarez Pérez.


It was our first experience in a contest and an unforgettable day for all those who took part. We won the first prize in the extraordinary category in the XIX Contest of Christmas Carols of Aragon, celebrated in Saragossa. We meet 16 groups and performed in a wonderful room of concerts as it is the Mozart Auditorium of the Aragonese capital. A day of intense effort and working together.


These are some of the web links about the news.

 - Article written by Jose Ángel Pozo for the school web page.

- Jose Ángel Pozo La Rioja newspaper 

Translated by student of 3nd Secondary Education: Celia Álvarez Pérez.

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011


At the end of last year the Boscos choir moved to the Salesian school of Deusto to perform a small concert for the students of the center. Teachers from both school were working together throughout the course to coordinate activities, and one of those activities was this concert.

If you want to see pictures of that day you can visit this link.  El coro visita Deusto

We don´t want to forget to thank the teachers Ainhoa and Miriam for inviting us to their school and to devote so much time and effort so that everything could go well.



Last year the choir made its first weekend of linguistic immersion. During the two-day experience, we did many activities and workshops related to the music, but always using English as main language.

The activity took place at the Salesian school Santo Domingo Savio where children prepared a Batukada, a Hawaiian dance, a costumes workshop and the “He mele no lilo” song.

In addition, children enjoyed a master-class by Rosa Cedro and rock concert led by Daniel Urbina in which the guest stars made a journey along the history of rock and pop.

The teachers Begoña Mesonada, Veronica Rodriguez and Daniel Urbina made a great effort and put a lot of enthusiasm to ensure that the activity could be carried out.


Image of our blog

Here you can see the poster used in the third edition of the concert “Los Boscos dan la nota”. This concert is held every year and involves a lot of students of los Boscos school.

In addition you can also see the t-shirts worn by the choir.

The image has been created by Virginia Nieto and it’s the picture that we use for the background of our blogs.