Welcome to the blog The Choir in the Classroom 2.0- Los Boscos Choir. This blog is an online site which has been created to show you different pedagogical work, carried out in the classroom by teachers and pupils from Salesianos Los Boscos School. If you want to visit this educational site you will find news, photographs, videos, mp3… so that you can know us better.

The main objective for this school year 2011-12 is that pupils make all the teaching materials advised by the tutors: blog, articles and layout of our projects. We expect this blog to help our pupils practice different contents which are learned in the subjects imparted in this school. The common thread for each topic is the vocal activity and the main subject, the choir.

Besides, we want our pupils to use this website to improve their English language. All the texts are written by pupils in the English class. In my case, I take part of this learning too, because my English learning is reviewed along with that of the pupils by our English teachers.

Ángel Alsasua Santos


1-    Tutors of  English language in this blog:
Tutors: Begoña Mesonada, Verónica Rodríguez.
             Pupils: Secondary and Primary students

2-    Tutor and pupil in charges of the graphic design blog.
Tutor: Isabel Pérez.
 Pupil: Alba Madrid