jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Video Merry Christmas

This year, to wish you all a ‘’Merry Christmas’’ the educational community of Los Boscos school has participated in the recording of a Christmas musical video.

Teachers, students and even fathers and mothers have collaborated for the fulfillment of different takes which, under the supervision of Ángel Alsasua, have been added to create the video that we show you here. From the youngest of  the centre to the oldest, they have sung for days the song ‘’Happy Christmas’’ with which all school want to transmit a binding message, that we hope it spreads further than these days.

The recording and assembly of all the material has been achieved by Germán Ortega, who is the father of one of the students of our school.  We thank him for all the effort and patience.

 We hope you enjoy watching the video.

Translated by Ariadna García and Iliane Luezas