viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012


One more year, children in infantile and primary school met to celebrate the peace day. This time, teachers of both sections developed a pretty programme of activities ending with the recording of an original videoclip.
First we met at the theater and the school chapel with poetries, peace doves and a Power-Point presentation that teacher Teresa had prepared.

When it finished, all students went to the playground to make a very special activity, recording a video clip of the famous song Imagine by John Lennon. We wanted to be different, and we incorporated our version, the sign language, the language of the deaf people. And it was surprising to find in the silence, the word that made all of us, students and teachers, met: PEACE.

Finally, we want to thank all the teachers, for giving us the chance of living this wonderful experience. Thanks for the material of the blog “¡C@ntamos Contig@!”, it has been very helpful for the video clip. Thanks to all the English teachers, thanks to Jose Ramón, thanks to the teachers of first cycle of Primary School for these beautiful words, also for the infantile teachers and Secondary School students who were collaborating. Finally, many thanks to Germán for recording for us the video which soon will posted on blogs.

Paula Pombo González

Marina Cadarso Bonafau



At the end of November the Health and Social Services adviser, José Ignacio Nieto and the general directress of Social Policy, María Martín, visited our school to see how some of the activities of the project “La Magía de los Buenos Tratos” are developed.

This programme has the objective to favour an appropiate emotional and personal development on the infantile pupils through the use of tales and songs; it is intented to help children to express themselves, increase their confidence, and promote their self-esteem.

In their visit, the adviser, and the general directress, made a tour by the infantile classrooms to see how some of the activities are done. In 1st of infantile school, they could see a tale, in 2nd a workshop, and in 3rd a coreography that the children had been preparing with the teacher Teresa.

The pupils of the Choir sang the songs of ''Coque the puppet'' and ''Guess the riddle'' while the children of the infantile classes were doing their dance. In this way the different pupils did a very nice join activity that was not only to show the performance, but also to promote collaboration attitudes and teamwork.

To see the information and the official pictures, we send you Riojasalud website of la Rioja government, but later we will inform you when and where the news will appear.