jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Video Merry Christmas

This year, to wish you all a ‘’Merry Christmas’’ the educational community of Los Boscos school has participated in the recording of a Christmas musical video.

Teachers, students and even fathers and mothers have collaborated for the fulfillment of different takes which, under the supervision of Ángel Alsasua, have been added to create the video that we show you here. From the youngest of  the centre to the oldest, they have sung for days the song ‘’Happy Christmas’’ with which all school want to transmit a binding message, that we hope it spreads further than these days.

The recording and assembly of all the material has been achieved by Germán Ortega, who is the father of one of the students of our school.  We thank him for all the effort and patience.

 We hope you enjoy watching the video.

Translated by Ariadna García and Iliane Luezas

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Appearence on TV

Some Choir´s teachers have had the opportunity to appear on several TV programs to raise awareness of the Project ¡Cantamos contigo!

Firstly, the teachers Ángel, Evelyn and Isabel, were in the programme “Dime con quién andas” at TVR. They spoke about the choir, the school and the project. Therefore, Alberto Méndez (one of our students) gave his opinion about choir.

You can watch it in the following link.

Moreover, Ángel and Beatriz also participated in “La Rioja & Cía” at Popular TV La Rioja to introduce the project “¡Cantamos Contigo! Schools around the world”
Don´t hesitate to visit the link to watch the video.


miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Programa de Buenos Tratos

The “Buenos Tratos” plan is an initiative of La Rioja’s Government (Social Service) to teach coexistence values.

Now, they present a webpage aimed at nursery and primary students. This site collects all the documentation and materials used in the classroom by teachers in 100 schools of our community who participate in this program.

The Government of La Rioja commanded two years ago to the Salesianos Los Boscos´choir to prepare the audio material for the “Programa de Buenos Tratos” which is working on values such as respect, empathy, self-esteem, co-education and conflict resolution.
The information and video can be watched in this page:


miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

¡Cantamos Contigo!

After a year of hard work, we are extremely pleased to share experiences with lots of schools and we also are excited to start again with this amazing project: ¡Cantamos Contigo! 2013-2013.

It consists of singing the song “Stand by me” and recording a video clip about it.

All the information about this new project could be found in our new section.


miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

As always, we come back to school in September. We will have to get up and go to bed earlier, do homework and get used to new timetables, being in a bad mood and so on. But it is not all bad since the chilly weather is coming, we will see old friends and make new ones, new books…

A new academic year full of surprises and new discoveries is waiting for us.

Teachers begin the new year hopeful and full of energy. We cannot wait to see you again, to see how much you have grown up during the summer. Further, we want to show you the new projects and activities that we are going to be doing with all of you.

We are going to continue working hard to incorporate the English language into our activities. To encompass different aspects of our curriculum as reflected in our school project.

Therefore, teachers are going to collaborate on working to bring together language, music, educational values and so on.

We have already started getting things ready. As ever, our blog is available and we encourage you to visit us regularly.

We are waiting for you!! 

Evelyn Díez

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Exchange Salamanca-Logroño

Last weekend the first part of the exchange between Maristas School of Salamanca and Los Boscos Choir took place. On Friday, the boys and girls from Salamanca arrived in Logroño with their teacher Carmen González to participate with us in one of our rehearsals. On that meeting both groups did warm up exercises, sang together and finished up playing a storm sound.
The experience was very interesting for both groups but not everything was work, in the afternoon the girls of 2º and 3º of Secondary went with the boys from Salamanca to know Logroño.
All of them had heard of Laurel Street, so it was a must and we ended the evening having dinner at “La Laurel’’ and nearby. The weekend went very fast and we are looking forward to May for the second part of the exchange. See you soon.
Thanks very much to Carmen and her boys of 4º Secondary for coming to visit us and to be with us those days.

Ariadna García


domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Solidarity Concert

On Sunday 18th of March Los Boscos Choir participated in the Solidarity Concert in benefit of Multiple Sclerosis together with the children of Corazones Solidarios.

For almost two hours, the audience could enjoy the different dances and songs that both groups performed.

Both Corazones Solidarios and Los Boscos Choir made a great effort so as everything went on the best possible way and this was seen in the end when after the last song the audience stood up to clap more warmly to those who were on stage.

The pictures haven’t got the expected quality but the light conditions of the stage and the visual effects of the performance made us difficult to take high quality photographs. Anyway here we leave some pictures for you to enjoy.


sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Winners of the BBVA contest

As you almost all know, we have been informed that we won the BBVA value contest of March. All the effort given by teachers, mothers, fathers, friends, neighbours, grandparents… has been worth. And thanks to you all, the video of peace, made by all the school, obtained 2,154 votes.
We don’t know yet what the price will be but for us it’s already a success that all the families worked so much to collaborate with us. Thanks to you all!!
We leave the video in case you want to see it once more.

Pablo Almenara

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012


One more year, children in infantile and primary school met to celebrate the peace day. This time, teachers of both sections developed a pretty programme of activities ending with the recording of an original videoclip.
First we met at the theater and the school chapel with poetries, peace doves and a Power-Point presentation that teacher Teresa had prepared.

When it finished, all students went to the playground to make a very special activity, recording a video clip of the famous song Imagine by John Lennon. We wanted to be different, and we incorporated our version, the sign language, the language of the deaf people. And it was surprising to find in the silence, the word that made all of us, students and teachers, met: PEACE.

Finally, we want to thank all the teachers, for giving us the chance of living this wonderful experience. Thanks for the material of the blog “¡C@ntamos Contig@!”, it has been very helpful for the video clip. Thanks to all the English teachers, thanks to Jose Ramón, thanks to the teachers of first cycle of Primary School for these beautiful words, also for the infantile teachers and Secondary School students who were collaborating. Finally, many thanks to Germán for recording for us the video which soon will posted on blogs.

Paula Pombo González

Marina Cadarso Bonafau



At the end of November the Health and Social Services adviser, José Ignacio Nieto and the general directress of Social Policy, María Martín, visited our school to see how some of the activities of the project “La Magía de los Buenos Tratos” are developed.

This programme has the objective to favour an appropiate emotional and personal development on the infantile pupils through the use of tales and songs; it is intented to help children to express themselves, increase their confidence, and promote their self-esteem.

In their visit, the adviser, and the general directress, made a tour by the infantile classrooms to see how some of the activities are done. In 1st of infantile school, they could see a tale, in 2nd a workshop, and in 3rd a coreography that the children had been preparing with the teacher Teresa.

The pupils of the Choir sang the songs of ''Coque the puppet'' and ''Guess the riddle'' while the children of the infantile classes were doing their dance. In this way the different pupils did a very nice join activity that was not only to show the performance, but also to promote collaboration attitudes and teamwork.

To see the information and the official pictures, we send you Riojasalud website of la Rioja government, but later we will inform you when and where the news will appear.