miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

As always, we come back to school in September. We will have to get up and go to bed earlier, do homework and get used to new timetables, being in a bad mood and so on. But it is not all bad since the chilly weather is coming, we will see old friends and make new ones, new books…

A new academic year full of surprises and new discoveries is waiting for us.

Teachers begin the new year hopeful and full of energy. We cannot wait to see you again, to see how much you have grown up during the summer. Further, we want to show you the new projects and activities that we are going to be doing with all of you.

We are going to continue working hard to incorporate the English language into our activities. To encompass different aspects of our curriculum as reflected in our school project.

Therefore, teachers are going to collaborate on working to bring together language, music, educational values and so on.

We have already started getting things ready. As ever, our blog is available and we encourage you to visit us regularly.

We are waiting for you!! 

Evelyn Díez