jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Appearence on TV

Some Choir´s teachers have had the opportunity to appear on several TV programs to raise awareness of the Project ¡Cantamos contigo!

Firstly, the teachers Ángel, Evelyn and Isabel, were in the programme “Dime con quién andas” at TVR. They spoke about the choir, the school and the project. Therefore, Alberto Méndez (one of our students) gave his opinion about choir.

You can watch it in the following link.

Moreover, Ángel and Beatriz also participated in “La Rioja & Cía” at Popular TV La Rioja to introduce the project “¡Cantamos Contigo! Schools around the world”
Don´t hesitate to visit the link to watch the video.


miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Programa de Buenos Tratos

The “Buenos Tratos” plan is an initiative of La Rioja’s Government (Social Service) to teach coexistence values.

Now, they present a webpage aimed at nursery and primary students. This site collects all the documentation and materials used in the classroom by teachers in 100 schools of our community who participate in this program.

The Government of La Rioja commanded two years ago to the Salesianos Los Boscos´choir to prepare the audio material for the “Programa de Buenos Tratos” which is working on values such as respect, empathy, self-esteem, co-education and conflict resolution.
The information and video can be watched in this page: