lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Don Boscos' Mass

Another year Don Bosco Mass has taken place. This celebration signs the end of a week of celebrations in which the school is full of activities, music and people.
The girls and boys from the choir arrived first to the church to prepare their voices before the Mass started.


Each year the choir participates in this Mass brightening the celebration with their songs and girls and boys take up more and more space in the school, that’s a good sign because this implies that the choir is growing up year after year. We are glad to see (especially in the youngest faces) the excitement that performing with the choir makes them feel.
After the entire week with activities, excursions, parties and songs the voices of our children were a little resentful. But that wasn’t an impediment for them to make us feel their enthusiasm.


Translated by Iliane Luezas and Ariadna García

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