domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

St. Pablo's Church

On Sunday 27th of January, Los Boscos Salesianos choir participated in a Mass for missionary childhood which took place at St. Pablo’s church in Logroño. Kids from the church collaborated making a village for children in need. Besides, during the celebration they showed flags from every country in the world symbolizing that we’re all one and we have to help each other.

Girls and boys from the choir went with happiness to sing the rehearsed songs because for most of them it was their first time performing with the choir. Within the church and under the watchful gaze of all the attendees, they sang songs like “Maria, Maria “Salve Don Bosco Santo “Padrenuestro” “Quisiera hacerlo yo” “Aleluya” “Traerás La Paz”, etc.

When the Mass ended, all pupils went home to get strength for so busy days that were coming.

Translated by Ariadna García and Iliane Luezas

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