lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013


March is the month to rehearse and record the song STAND BY ME within the project ¡C@NTAMOS CONTIGO!, SCHOOLS AROUND THE WORLD That’s why we have made some applications with the aim to facilitate the learning, recording of the song and continuing developing the project in an innovative way. Well, we are enthusiastic to introduce this new application VIRTUAL CHOIR with which the students participating in the project will be able to record themselves from home, school … The material is made up of  a TUTORIAL KARAOKE VIDEO which will help do the recording.

The students who want to use it will need a Web Cam in their computer, speakers and a microphone in the case it is not integrated in the computer. Once all this is prepared, they will record their video and will send it to us to put it together and edit it in the VIRTUAL CHOIR. Besides, in the platform EDMODO we have started a CASTING to find our new solo singers and instrumentalists who will perform in different moments of the song.

Moreover, a new original way to rehearse has been design in which secondary students are implied recording the audio of the song. Their recordings will be used to edit the virtual scores; then, they will be uploaded on the main blog to help the rest of the project mates to learn the song and rehearse together from the distance. This way, all of us rehearse at the same time and the pupils become the main figures of their own process of learning, which is one of our main objectives.

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